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My experience with Mercury Retrograde

hed_mercury_retrogradeMercury is associated with communications of all kinds, the written and spoken word, also associated with transportation. Mercury stays Rx for about 3 weeks about 3 times a year.

When Mercury goes Rx all the things that are associated with this planet tend to get screwed up. Letters go awry messages don’t get to the person  you sent it to and travel plans get screwed up. Etc.Plus its not a good time to sign contracts or important documents.

So last week I got a call from my cell phone provider wanting me to renew my contract because its up for renewal and I could upgrade to  a newer model.

Well with Mercury RX there is no way.

I told her that  Mercury is Rx right now and I will renew but not until the middle of June when Mercury goes direct. Well there was a long pause then she said” What?!! I’m not sure what your talking about, I am offering you the Nexes 5.” I said great I’m very happy to hear that but you’ll have to call me back the middle of June. Then she said ok but maybe we can pick out a new plan for you. I said NO a cell phone is a communication device Mercury is Rx. She kept trying to convince me to renew but I refused and started to explain what happens when Mercury is Rx, at that point she agreed to call back the middle of June. I think she just wanted to get of the phone at that point so she could tell her co-workers that she had some nut on the phone LOL.