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Lunar Eclipse

There is a Lunar Eclipse today at 3:05 PM EDTlunar-eclipse

This Eclipse is in the sign of Pisces, where it brings focus to the unknown, its  also the place of secret enemies, and anything that has to do with water ie: Oceans, oil, gas, poisons, narcotics, any substance. Pisces also rules places of seclusion and solitude, hospitals, prisons, health etc.

This is not a favorable Eclipse since its squared by Mars, planet of war and aggression and force. This Eclipse can bring extreme weather, like floods tsunamis and the like.  We may hear of events taking place in foreign places.

This Eclipse can bring tensions in the work place, health issues or even legal judgments. Foreign trade, foreign people and foreign places may bring challenges that need to be dealt with.

Those most impacted

Pisces born in and around March 14th

Virgo born in and around Sept. 16th

Sagittarius born in and around Dec. 15th

Gemini born in and around June 14th

Or anyone who has planets or points around 24 deg.’s of the signs mentioned above.

Aries and Scorpio also will be affected since there ruler is involved.

Best to place this energy in the arts, or meditation and yoga.