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My experience with Mercury Retrograde

hed_mercury_retrogradeMercury is associated with communications of all kinds, the written and spoken word, also associated with transportation. Mercury stays Rx for about 3 weeks about 3 times a year.

When Mercury goes Rx all the things that are associated with this planet tend to get screwed up. Letters go awry messages don’t get to the person  you sent it to and travel plans get screwed up. Etc.Plus its not a good time to sign contracts or important documents.

So last week I got a call from my cell phone provider wanting me to renew my contract because its up for renewal and I could upgrade to  a newer model.

Well with Mercury RX there is no way.

I told her that  Mercury is Rx right now and I will renew but not until the middle of June when Mercury goes direct. Well there was a long pause then she said” What?!! I’m not sure what your talking about, I am offering you the Nexes 5.” I said great I’m very happy to hear that but you’ll have to call me back the middle of June. Then she said ok but maybe we can pick out a new plan for you. I said NO a cell phone is a communication device Mercury is Rx. She kept trying to convince me to renew but I refused and started to explain what happens when Mercury is Rx, at that point she agreed to call back the middle of June. I think she just wanted to get of the phone at that point so she could tell her co-workers that she had some nut on the phone LOL.

A Stroke of Luck!?!

Uranus-Jupiter A Stroke of Luck?


Jupiter is associated with luck,  good fortune and protection. It’s the biggest planet in our solar system, it’s mostly gas and a lot of times when we are waiting for something big to happen and it doesn’t, it’s probably Jupiter blowing a lot of hot air or should I say gas.

Jupiter is expansive it expands everything it touches, he can make you feel over optimistic when he is aspecting your Moon or even when aspecting your Mercury. He can also make you spend a lot of money when he aspects your Venus or make you overindulgent.

Where ever we have Jupiter transiting our charts there will be expansion in that area of our life. He does bring good fortune but if Saturn isn’t involved it’s usually short lived because Saturn brings permanence, stability and brings things into  reality, if he’s in a good mood.

Uranus is an electrifying planet, unpredictable, rebellious, spontaneous brings instability and excitement.  Where ever we have Uranus transiting our charts this is the area of our life that becomes unstable, this is also where we demand more freedom and where the unexpected takes place. Exciting things  can happen like a sudden love affair if in your 5th house but often it ends as quick as it starts, any relationship that starts during a Uranus transit  or making an aspect to your Venus will be very exciting but will not last . When sudden and unexpected things happen to us it’s Uranus.

When these 2 planets meet it can signify sudden good fortune or a sudden windfall. this also depends on whether you have planets or points where this meeting takes place or in a good aspect to it, and if those planets or points are not afflicted. Also it depends where this is taking place in your chart, this is the area of your life where the sudden good fortune will take place.

I have these 2 planets making a nice aspect in my birth chart, so when they meet again by Transit there should be some fortunate event. Uranus is not a planet you can predict because it’s so erratic and unpredictable, you will never know what  to expect until it happens, but usually comes when you least expect it and so fast you won’t know what hit you.

People that can expect some sudden good fortune. From April to Aug.

Leo’s born from Aug. 4th to Aug. 23rd especially those born Aug.12 to the 15th and particularly those born Aug.14th

Also Sagittarius born between Dec. 11- 14th especially those born on the 13th

Aries born April 10th to April 12th especially those born April 11th

Or anyone who has planets or points at 21 deg.’s of the fire signs even some air signs will benefit.

There will be good fortune for all fire signs in spite of when you were born but the dates above are very fortunate.

See what happens around June 30th.

Take a chance!!!!

Good Luck


Getting Whacked by Saturn


I used to hate Saturn but I’ve gotten used to him now. This is the planet that when you get too full of yourself, when you don’t work hard enough or are too impatient and irresponsible, he’ll come around and whack you in the head with a dose of reality. He doesn’t kid around, he shows you where you have gone wrong and sometimes he’ll give you the chance to correct it and if you don’t he’ll whack you. When you get whacked enough by Saturn you’ll grow up and take responsibility for your actions, you will learn patience, responsibility and what your limitations are.

Jupiter expands and even blows things out of proportion at times, Saturn restricts and limits. He will limit, delay or altogether restrict  you from some of the things you want in order to teach you patience and responsibility , he wants you to work hard and be patient and if you do he will reward you. Capricorns are ruled by Saturn and is the sign of success, because Capricorns, like Noel Tyl says, like to watch the grass grow, they climb the ladder to success slowly and steadily with a lot of hard work. If you’re not disciplined and try to run up the ladder and try to skip some of the steps Saturn will be waiting for you at the top and whack you one and make you start all over again.

Saturn in Greek is Chronos which means time. Whatever Saturn does in your chart whether good or bad it will last a long time. He also does a lot of testing, he tests every area of your life as he passes through the houses in your chart and stays in an area in your chart for quite a while until you learn the lesson he is trying to teach you, discipline, responsibility, patience. If you don’t he’ll whack you. I’ve gotten whacked by Saturn many times in my life, so now when I see him coming I get my act together. It’s not easy for a fixed sign like Leo to change their ways and habits but if you get whacked enough you’ll change your ways and habits. Saturn has been touring my 2nd house of earned income, self worth and possessions. He wants me to work hard for my money and not to spend it foolishly and get my financial house in order, hey I’m not going to argue with him or he’ll make it hard for me to make money and will limit my income. But I saw him coming I was prepared. I still got whacked a bit though, just to remind me what will happen if I try to do something foolish.

So let’s see who’s getting whacked in 2015

Saturn is now in Sagittarius he left Scorpio Dec. 24th,  so Scorpios, Leo’s, Taurus and Aquarians that were born at the end of their  sign got whacked  in Nov. and Dec. He’s coming back in the spring to see if you learned the lessons he taught you. He’s giving you a chance now to get your act together and correct  problems  while he’s in Sagittarius, you know what’s going to happen if you didn’t. WHACK!!

From Dec. 24th 2014 and onward its Sagittarian’s born Nov. 23 to Nov. 27th

Pisces born Feb. 19th to Feb. 24th

Gemini’s born May 21st to May 26th

Virgo’s born Aug. 23rd to Aug. 29th

Or if you have planets and points at the early degrees of the mutable signs Virgo, Sag, Gemini, and Pisces.

So you will go through some testing when Saturn conjuncts your Sun whether it be finances, relationships, career, family, kids, health, and so on depending which house Saturn is touring in your chart. Saturn will show you what the problem is in that area of your life and if you don’t do something about it he’ll whack you, until you do it right and in a disciplined and responsible way and you will learn patience. If you’ve been working hard and doing everything right then he’ll reward you for your efforts.

Saturn teaches lessons, try not to get whacked!

More to come…