Noun – the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.

Latin route: “astrologia – astronomy, the science of the heavenly bodies”.

Greek route: “astrologia “telling of the stars,” from astron “star” + logia “treating of”.

Originally identical with astronomy, it also had a special sense of, “practical astronomy,astronomy applied to prediction of events.”

This was divided into natural astrology, “the calculation and foretelling of natural phenomenon” (tides, eclipses, etc.), and judicial astrology, “the art of judging occult influences of stars on human affairs” (also known as astromancy, 1650s.)

Differentiation between astrology and astronomy began in the late 1400’s and by 17th centrury, is word was limited to “reading influences of the stars and their effects on human destiny.”


“Think of the history of astrology, which has spread not only in the West, but also to India, China, and to every high civilization. They all have their astrological traditions. The stars serve to prognosticate the future not only of a person, but of mankind… in antiquity, everything was seen in the sky.”

~ Marie-Louise von Franz